The Silent Creature Disrupting your Health

According to Rice University, 70 % of people have this.  It is the epidemic sweeping our nation that you never hear about.  It is Yeast, aka: Candida. So where does it usually come up?
1. Vaginal  infections
2. Toenail Fungus
3. Athlete’s Foot
These are probably the 3 most common conditions we think of when it comes to yeast. But in fact, you’re lucky to have anyone of those. Why? Because that immediately says you have yeast.  In a lot of us, yeast will be thriving within us, without us ever really knowing. We may suffer from chronic headaches, PMS, weight gain, seasonal allergies, heartburn, and even fibromyalgia—never knowing its connection to Candida.
So what is Candida exactly? It is a normal resident of our intestines, but we are referring to the Candida as the opportunistic pathogen that thrives under “favorable” conditions which include:
  • The use of birth control pills
  • Regular consumption of rice, bread, or pasta
  • Regular consumption  of sweets or fruit
  • Regular consumption of alcohol
  • Stressful life events
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Having Mercury Amalgams
Candida produces over 70 toxins in the body, and along with disrupting the immune system (70 % of the immune system is in the gut), it interferes with estrogen, progesterone, and other hormones in the body. Since it wants to survive, it will trick the person into craving for sweets —when it’s really the yeast that wants to feed.  Candida’s role is mainly as a janitor of the body—it thrives under “dirty” conditions of the body that helps to break down rotting or putrefying food. When the body’s terrain is “clean,” the yeast’s services will no longer be required, and will go away. What about taking an antibiotic and getting rid of the yeast?
In certain rare acute situations that might be warranted, but in general, most people have chronic yeast infection. Meaning, they may experience relief from the antibiotic, but the problem remains—the terrain is dirty because of their lifestyle. So the yeast will often come back as the same symptom, or in a different symptom or disease. Also, when you “kill” yeast, who do you think has to clean up its remains? Your body. This puts tremendous stress especially on your liver to detoxify the dying yeast, and your bowels to excrete it out.
If it’s such a big deal, then why don’t most doctors know about it? Unfortunately, most physicians only put weight on something if it can be measured.”  The next time you go for your physical, you can request to have your blood tested for Candida Immune Complexes Test.  However, in my experience, most people have it whether it shows up or not. If you’re really interested to know if yeast IS a problem for you, then do this free yeast questionnaire. The results can give you an idea on how MUCH Candida is a problem for you CURRENTLY.
The benefit of the Hair Mineral Analysis is it can give you a road map on how to balance your body’s chemistry. Then naturally, over time, your yeast will go away.

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