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The Suspicion about Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Natural Medicine, etc. These are terms used interchangeably when talking about Non-Conventional Therapies.
I strongly dislike these labels. They don’t point to any deeper insight or meaning. Unfortunately, that is the sad state of alternative therapies today. Because they automatically go against the status quo of conventional therapies, they are given a label and left in the corner fending for themselves. They are often accused of being “unscientific,” and are put to trial to prove their legitimacy.
But how many of us actually take the time to read the history of medicine, and human history? Most of us wait for things to be widely accepted, before embracing it wholeheartedly.  Others, are more daring, and take knowledge into their own hands, moving at the pace of their own inquisitive mind rather than at the the speed of the masses.
Thankfully, regarding alternative medicine, we don’t have to work too hard. Like an archaeologist, we merely have to dig up the artifacts buried deep within the health literature possessing the timeless secrets of health that has been lost to mainstream medicine for the past 100 years. In the early 1900’s, the United States was the booming natural health center of the world.  Or more correctly, just the health center of the world. The division between conventional medicine and non conventional medicine wasn’t made until the uprising of pharmaceuticals. Today, we have traded our books in physiology, nutrition, and biochemistry, for prescription pads.
In other words, we have our swapped our critical thinking for the easier “magic bullets” of drugs. We have become so fascinated with the crutches of what we call pharmaceuticals, we have forgotten how to walk. We have forgotten that we have legs—that our body has an innate ability to heal more powerful than the strongest drugs on earth.
As Dr. Bernard Jensen had mentioned, when Penicillin was first discovered in 1928, this was hailed as the crowning achievement of modern medicine. We foolishly thought that what we created in chemistry labs could replace the time-honored principles of proper diet and good bowel care. And we have paid a price for this:
  • The United States is the most drug-dependent nation in the world
  • 1 in 4 Americans have Pre-Diabetes
  • 1 in 3 American are obese
  • Conventional Medicine is between the 1st and third leading cause of death in America
At the same time, the WHO organization has announced that 80% of all chronic disease is preventable through lifestyle modifications, including nutrition. How ironic.
And to think, some of the biggest geniuses ever in science were alternative medicine minded:
  • Dr. Emanuel Revici (1896-1998), one of the most brilliant physicians who’s ever walked on earth. Known for curing cases of Cancer and HIV. Albert Einstein had referred to him as “the greatest mind he’d ever come across in his lifetime.” He is never mentioned in any medical textbook.
  • Dr. Linus Pauling  (1901-1994), a great chemist who won 2 Nobel Prizes in Peace and Chemistry. Not knowingly today, we take Vitamin C when we’re sick because of him. Also, he coined the concept of Orthomolecular Medicine: individualized nutrition to a person’s biochemistry. This is never mentioned in any conventional nutrition textbook.
  • Dr. Max Gerson (1881-1958), another great physician who was known as the first person to cure skin tuberculosis.  Cured Nobel Prize winner Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s diabetes, as well as his wife’s tuberculosis.  Famous for successfully treating hundreds of cancer patients. He is never mentioned in any medical curriculum.
  • And many others
This is not to say merely taking anything “alternative” is automatically more superior to “conventional” medicine. But for our health care system to make greater strides, we must pay respect to the powerful scientific works that have been wrongfully relegated to the outskirts of mainstream medicine.
In my 3 years of intense self-studying of alternative medicine, from all the therapies that I have tested, my personal opinion is that Nutritional Balancing through Hair Mineral Analysis provides by far the most comprehensive approach to health that results in long-lasting change. Thanks to one more genius not mentioned, Dr. Paul Eck.
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