The Critical Need for Detoxification

Nutritional Balancing was a science developed by Paul Eck since the 1970’s. It was a brilliant yet simple model of healing that worked very well. However, flashing forward to 2011, the level of toxicity experienced by people today is unprecedented in our history.
From electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phone towers, ionizing radiation from nuclear plants, chemical preservatives in our grocery store, and the pesticide-rich but mineral deficient soil that we get our food from, we are assaulted by all angles. Because this occurs insidiously and in synergy, we have a limited understanding of our deteriorating health until the Doctor catches something in our blood work.
That is why for many people today, supplements are necessary but not sufficient for their health. Detoxification is also critical to resolve their long-lasting ailments.
The supplements given for Hair Mineral Analysis results helps to normalize one’s biological chemistry. In the process, many toxic metals that were hidden deep in the tissues become released into the blood. Although this is an overall gentle and gradual process, this can prove to bear intolerable in some patients, unless they are also doing coffee enemas, near infrared saunas, meditation, and even taking herbs for the kidneys and liver.



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