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Vitality and Health

Many of us know that vitality means “energy.” When it’s low, we feel tired or down. When it’s high, we feel good or optimistic.
But do you know the source of your energy? The source of what makes you feel more alive?
Many of us cannot feel the difference between stimulation and real energy. Not surprisingly, many of the pleasures we pursue such as sex, exercise, food, music, alcohol, and drugs are methods we use to enliven us.
Is there a way to tell whether the pleasure we engage in provides us with stimulation or real energy?
Inherently, ‘pleasures’ such as drugs and alcohol are harmful due to the plethora of negative effects it has on our body. In addition, they’re often sought after with an impulsive quality or desire because of the lift it can bring.
Other ‘pleasures’ such as sex, exercise, music, and food often go under the radar because they aren’t inherently harmful to the body. But they can be equally detrimental to our health based on:
1. The degree in which we engage in the pleasure
2. The quality in which we engage in the pleasure
And both of those factors are directly affected by how strongly we pursue the activity whether consciously or subconsciously to relieve our anxiety, panic attacks, depression, or other negative states of mind. In other words, we do it to stimulate us into a “better” state of well-being.
My point being, just because you’re not on an antidepressant doesn’t mean you’re not depressed. And by depressed I mean, your body’s inherent vitality or real energy can still be working at a suboptimal rate. What are some signs of this?
“I need to exercise in the morning to wake myself up”
“If I don’t have my morning coffee, I’m a zombie.”
“I’m soo tired in the afternoon.”
“All I need is 6 hrs of sleep, then I’ll be okay.”
“I’m not an alcoholic, but if I don’t drink for awhile, I feel down.”
“If I don’t exercise every other day, I feel down.”
“Loud music gets me going in the morning.”
“If I don’t eat chocolate or candy for awhile, I feel down.”
So what constitutes real energy then? Strong Adrenals + Strong Thyroid. This provides the person a constant healthy state of natural euphoria through hormones such as cortisol. Then, one is less likely to impulsively go after ‘pleasures’ to feel better. Rather, more effortlessly their pleasurable pursuits are done at the cost of moderation for the benefit of healthier enjoyment.


The Secret Weapon against Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal glands are located right above our kidneys. Without them, we cannot live. They are probably the important glands in our body because they affect us in so many ways: our energy, metabolic rate, immune system, and blood sugar.
While blood and saliva tests look at the quantity of adrenal hormones secreted, the Sodium/Magnesium ratio in Hair Mineral Analysis indicates their overall effects on the body. If our body is a car, no matter how much fuel (adrenal hormones) we have in our tank, if our engine (adrenal effects) is weak, it will always impair our movement (physiology).
I would say more than 90% of our population suffers from some degree of adrenal impairment. The people who disagree, would only have to take note if they experience any of these symptoms:
  • Fatigue
  • Needing exercise or coffee to get your day going
  • Allergies
  • Sensitive to skipping meals
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Weight gain in the belly or trunk
And to be honest, many of us do experience at least one of these symptoms. Fortunately, there is one simple remedy that anyone can try to help their adrenals: eating every 3 hrs. You are not eating more in total, but more in the frequency of your meals.
Just divide your ideal weight by 15 (credited by the work of Dr. George Watson). This will give you the minimum number of ounces of chicken, fish, or beef as a source of protein that you should consume everyday for your adrenals. Divide that by 4 or 5, which is the number of meals you eat if you’re eating every 3 hrs.
For example, an adult male who’s ideal weight is 150 lbs, should eat 2 ounces of protein per meal, if they are eating 5 meals/day. Initially starting out, if you don’t measure out these quantities in the beginning, you will most likely under eat your minimum protein content. Just a rough estimate to keep in mind:
-1 glass of milk= 1 ounce of protein
-1 egg= 1 ounce of protein
– 1 deck of cards= 3 ounces of chicken
Eating every 3 hrs, ensures optimal levels of glycogen (storage form of glucose) to help prevent those dips in energy, blood sugar, and/or headache spikes in people who have adrenal impairment. In addition, benefits include potential weight loss. Refer to this link for more information:
But remember that restoring your adrenal glands for good requires many more factors than just changing your eating pattern. One’s oxidation rate has to essentially become balanced. But this could be a good way to start.
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